Once an Assessment is completed and recommendations are made, IGC will help your school develop and implement a detailed Governance plan that will include:Modification and Development of By-laws, Constitutions, Policies & Procedures

  • Leadership and Board Reporting Process Development
  • Board Charter Development & Implementation
  • Development of Board Member Roles & Responsibilities
  • Development of Board Structures & Committees
  • Development of Board Member Qualifications
  • Development of Board Member Recruitment & Selection
  • Development of Ongoing Board Member Training
  • Development of Board Meeting & AGM Management Process
  • Development of School Performance Evaluation Process
  • Development of Board Performance Evaluation Process
  • Development of a Head of School Management Process
  • Selection of the Appropriate Governance Model
  • Resource Plan
  • Budgets
  • Communication Plan
  • Roll-out, Launch & Implementation Plan

Pricing - to be quoted based on scope and estimated time required

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